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The perfect gift for your little one inspires story-telling, encourages imaginative play and fosters independence.

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In Winter We Stay Cozy

Each season I talk about a few of our favourite family activities. I hope that you will be inspired to spend time with your kids in simple ways. I'm quite a homebody so it's rare for me to take my kids to theme parks or crowded places. Inexpensive, good old fashioned fun is what we love. 

Mee a Bee is all about nurturing imaginations and being adventurous even if that only means a wander to the local park.  There's usually a bag that ties in with my activity suggestions. 

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I ordered a bag for my youngest as an un-birthday gift since his big bro was celebrating his soon. Amazing customer service and she mailed it out quickly so it would arrive in time. The bag is the sweetest and top quality. He adores his robot bag, and has been using it non-stop. Highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much!

Brittany Reynolds Downey

I ordered two bags for my daughters around Christmas time and I can't say enough great things! Jacqui was so fun to work with and helped me to personalize a combo of fabrics and strap color. The turn around time was amazing. My girls (almost 2 and almost 4) love carrying their bags up to the playground and collecting nature items as well as toting along their favorite small toys. Beautifully made and my favorite gift I bought in 2016!

Tara B. Taylor

My daughter has some of the very first Meeabee bags. Even now, 10 years later, she will often choose her Meeabees when she goes out. 
I have also given one to my niece. The delight on her face and the fact that she only took it off for a bath for the entire week we were with her should make it very clear how much she loves hers. 
Perfectly sized and shaped, hard-wearing and washable. What else could you ask for? Oh yes! They are so very cute!

Cat Nakamichi

Montessori-Parent Favourite

Our bags are a Montessori-parent favourite! Our bags are simple and unfussy They foster independence in the youngest children. 
We choose only imagination-inspiring designs. We never feature television or commercial characters.
We try not to stick only with blue for boys and pink for girls. 

We use natural materials like cotton and linen. 

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Live Video: What fits in the boy's bags?

Live Video: What fits in the boy's bags?

What fits into the bags? What size should I order? Watch on Facebook
What's in your Bag?

What's in your Bag?

A couple of months after my younger son was born I met a gentleman at the playground who was interested in studying English. He seemed like a nice chap so we started meeting regularly during my baby's nap time. We talked mainly about current affairs to improve his spoken English (remember we live in Japan).
Our Philosophy Here at Mee a Bee

Our Philosophy Here at Mee a Bee

It's all the rage these days for a business to have a mission statement and to be a purpose-driven company. I should know, I studied business and marketing at university. LOL.