handmade in japan

imagination inspiring designs

made by hand in small quantities

since 2007


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I love the materials used, the prints and the simplicity of the design. My daughter loves wearing it. And it's very light, her shoulder won't be tired wearing it..

Jen Frederico Tanaka

Beautiful, quality bags that last for years. Extremely friendly, efficient service. Highly recommend - you won't be disappointed and your kids will LOVE these bags.

Jo Dee, NZ

My daughter has some of the very first MeeaBee bags. Even now, 10 years later, she will often choose her MeeaBees when she goes out.
I have also given one to my niece. The delight on her face and the fact that she only took it off for a bath for the entire week we were with her should make it very clear how much she loves hers.
Perfectly sized and shaped, hard-wearing and washable. What else could you ask for? Oh yes! They are so very cute!

Cat Nakamichi, Japan