Our Story

Established in 2007

Our Messenger Bags / Satchels / Handbags have been bought by hundreds of moms, uncles, dads, and aunts.They've been taken on many great adventures, been left out in the rain (that was my kids!), been stuffed with leaves, shells and other collected stuff. Many a matchbox car, pencil and notebook has gone along for the ride. Bears, dolls and little ponies have been carted about. Snacks, sunglasses and ticket stubs. Pinecones, feathers, rocks.These bags are quite tiny to the average eye (you and I) but to the kids they are designed to fit they are just right. 

You won't find the latest cartoon characters on any Mee a Bee bags. We don't sell anything that is a commercial character, even if it is a Japanese one.I'm not against TV or technology but I won't support the mindless commercialization of television or movie characters for children. I prefer characters, creatures, animals that were the vision of a creative child now grown-up illustrator.To that end, I keep an eye on television viewing time. And of course devices, very hard in this day and age. 

I encourage imaginative play, creative hobbies and lots of outdoor fun. One of my kids is not very sporty but he's extremely imaginative. The other one is super-sporty and is in a swimming squad. One loves to read, one not so much. Kids are kids and even brothers have such different personalities which we try to reflect in our selection of fabrics for bags - something for everyone. 

We're big fans of construction toys, science experiments and electronics kits. We have more Lego than anyone we know because we LOVE it (still).Both of my boys love cooking, especially baking. My older son has taken over dinner as well now. 

My other big passion is for books and we have a great many of those in our home. If you're in Japan and need books for preschoolers send me an email as we have grown out of a lot and we would love to pass them on.My kids are in primary school and high school now but they both attended a Montessori preschool and we enjoyed setting up a Montessori-inspired play space for them. 

You'll find a lot of pink bags here but I am personally against gender-specific things for kids. It's very very hard to steer kids towards the colours they might naturally like. And as a business owner sadly I have to conform to what is going to sell best, that's often pink things for girls. But if you are looking for something different then you have found a store that gets it. I don't categorise by gender, that's up to your kids to say, which they like! 

Handmade in Japan since 2007

Meet the Designer


Hello I'm Jacqui, mother of two boys and owner of Mee a Bee. I'm from New Zealand but have called Japan my home for the past twenty years. 

I started Mee a Bee ten years ago because I wanted a business I could run from home while looking after my two children. My son Tyler had just turned one and my older son Noah was in kindergarten. (WHAT WAS I THINKING??) 

I had spent a lot of time thinking about what I could do with my skills and my unique location. I settled on sewing when I realised there were masses of wonderful wonderful fabrics for children that I could share with the world. Messenger bags for little kids are what I make. 

I love making the little toddler bags. It's a thrill each time a new one comes off my sewing machine. I am obsessed with Japanese fabrics and hand-illustrated designs. I use only fabric designed and made in Japan and have a preference for cotton and cotton / linen fabrics. The fabrics are designed by Kokka, Kei, Yuwa, Lucien, Kobayashi and a few more. 

If you love them let me know! I sometimes have small pieces left that I can send on for small projects like toy clothing or kids' sewing.I hope you love Mee a Bee and all that we stand for.